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I haven't done anything here for a v-e-r-y long time - that is something that I must address and perhaps even get some useful stuff up here.

I seem to be allowed to add somethings on the fly - could this be an answer to Sue's News page[s]?
It does seem that RapidWeaver remains the best option for most of my websites. The HTML5 sites are very promising but don't seem to be quite up to the mark just yet with the possible exception of Weebly Developer at $7/site published/month. Somewhat reasonable at $84/site/year.

Must look at the possibility of integrated email which would be almost mandatory.

The picture below was taken at the 9th Battalions Association annual Patron's Dinner held at the Brisbane Victoria Barracks Officer's Mess early in 2013.


…and this is a caption, of sorts for this picture

a short dissertation

An occasional journey through FileMaker from the very first to the very latest.
This is neither history nor training but a collection of thoughts, graphics and lessons learned from over 20 years of providing bespoke solutions to a  variety of clients in diverse industries.

Some of the content here may be new ideas but most has been gained from very close involvement with users at the lowest level within the target organisation. It is these people who have to co-exist with our solutions on a daily basis and from them we can, and I certainly hope that we have, learned much about navigation and data presentation.

Of necessity this will be somewhat of a ramble rather than a neatly structured journey - I will add content as time and mood permit - I will accept comment and criticism with equanimity - and try to reply to any questions. I also accept that perhaps I am writing this for my own pleasure and few, if any, will find any interest.

I started before FileMaker 1 - my first exposure being Nutshell and then on to most of the database programs for the Macintosh and watching each of them fall by the wayside until only FileMaker, 4D and Omnis seemed to remain.

Initially my partner, Vivienne, wrote a FileMaker solution for very simple invoicing for Barristers. Vivienne writes formidable scripts and calculations while I dabble with layouts, graphics, work flow and the simpler scripts and calculations. Together we have spent over 20 years producing bespoke solutions for a variety of clients, some of whom have remained with us over the entire journey.

webYep and Blogs

There is a marked difference between the webYep page type and the Rapid Weaver Blog page type.

webYep allows the user to change specific areas on a page directly from the site page while the Blog requires access to the RapidWeaver itself and then a ‘Publish’ action. This precludes using it from the ‘wild’ although it foes protect the content somewhat.

A good solution would be to be able to use the RW page type from an external source but all the Blog type plugins want to access external Blog sites such as Blogger or WP-blog.

Although not the easiest to upgrade this may suit me for the time being as a simple type of Blog as I don’t seem to want to do daily updates but rather considered entries at various times.

I’d like to be able to put a picture here and the to expand it on demand.

screen 2


could be useful but more for pntech than Sue - do they simply go on forever or do I have to remove the older posts myself.
I seem to be missing the sidebar - but I’ll just go and have a look.

I rather like this although in the longer term I’d like to integrate the Blogger site so that I could add content from elsewhere such as the iPad.

Beyond that requirement it does seem to show dates/times etc just the way I like them.

some more text

this seems to be just text with no ability to add any images - is this so? - no…this does not seem to be the case - see the pic of Sue, below…the Polaroid like treatment seems to work well. Need to check sixes of screen shots to get them just right or open in a separate window. Oh..there is a media editor - I just seem to keep discovering more useful things about RapidWeaver - must keep looking.


perhaps this could be useful although it seems that I have to come inside RW to do the actual post unlike the alternative which picks up item[s] from Blogger by Google.

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