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In August 2015 Humberto Ferron came to work in Brisbane for 3 months. He and I worked together on thelodonts.

In April 2016 I will visit his home University of Valencia to continue the research and attend an international post graduate conference.
Why study the fossil world?
What can we learn from fossils?

You can transpose the word ‘fossil’ for dinosaur, fish or shark… whatever you wish.

Where was the fossil found? How?

How would you describe the fossil? How large? How many bones? How big is the jaw? How many teeth? Is it unusual to find such a fossil?

What have you learned or do you hope to learn from it?

What is the broader significance of the find?

Does this FOSSIL (shark) differ from present species or is it similar? Is it new to science or rather the oldest fossil of a known species now on record?

What does the Latin name mean?

What type of world was the shark living in at the time? What other creatures would one find in the ocean? Was the shark the most fearsome predator or were there others? What was the climate like?

What does that tells us about its natural history (mode of life including sex and reproduction, colouration) or evolution?