Knowledge and skills:

Since 2001 I have held an ABN and carried out geoscience research, editing and writing. As co-leader for 6 years of a major international research programme for UNESCO IGCP I demonstrated organisational business acumen, in this case dealing with very low budgets and 'making them work". I have handled research grants and proposals employing staff and bringing projects to fruition over a number of years.

For the last 28 years I have been essentially a self-employed scientist/consultant well versed in preparing proposals with controlled realistic budgets and managing projects to fruition (full cv available) often acting as employer or team leader and at the same time managing family and budgetary requirements at home. I have proven capability to research, plan and drive research programmes, conferences and expeditions often as a profit-centred enterprise, tightly control cost and human resource areas.

Professional technical editing began in 2000 as a member of the Online English team (

My recent work for UNESCO Geoparks as a consultant has involved analysis and understanding of the holistic approach to natural resource management. My resulting reports (on geoparks in China, Inner Mongolia, Iran and Victoria/SA) integrated material from biological, geological and historical (including indigenous) sources gained after a collaborative consultation process. I was a partner in the development of the Kanawinka Volcanoes Discovery Geopark proposal now approved as the first Global Geopark in the Australasia-Pacific region. In 2005 I went to Iran and assisted in developing the Qeshm Geopark proposal, based on an arid area with salt-based ecology and included 'Hara' mangrove Biosphere Reserve. Other Geoparks assessed include Wudalianche in North China and Hexigten, Inner Mongolia.

I am experienced in negotiating and winning research grants and contracts across a range of sectors from international (e.g. UNESCO, D.A.A.D., CNRS, George Frederic Matthew Fellowship New Brunswick Museum), federal (e.g. ARC Discovery over 20 years, UNESCO Commission, National IGCP), state (e.g. Qld Museum, Hughenden Council) and private (e.g. Ian Potter Foundation). I have a proven ability to communicate well, negotiate and lobby (with Geoparks work), resolve conflict, inspire, motivate and manage people at all levels and in different cultures, solve complex scientific problems, safely conduct field research at minimum cost, and to develop and lead teams and mentor students.

Although without legal training I have experience of legislation both State and federal relating to environmental management through my work at the Queensland Museum and for Geoparks. I have had 18 years experience of international UNESCO research programmes and processes.

My scientific record of over 450 publications includes publication of a discipline newsletter (see Fossil Fish News page), papers in journals such as Nature, the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London to more popular works in magazines, e.g. American Scientist; live TV and radio interviews, numerous talks and oral presentations; some 50 poster presentations. These skills have been honed in representing and promoting the UNESCO-IUGS Global Geoparks concept throughout the world when I have interacted with politicians of all levels to local communities in Australia and elsewhere.

Class 'C' driver's license is held. Travel is not a problem. Field work has been done in many countries and I have operated 4WD vehicles during field expeditions around Australia.

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