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Old Red Sandstone Event

On 3 October 2014 Sue presented new research on Silurian and Devonian fish from the Welsh Borders, joint work with Carole Burrow and Rod Williams, to the
Old Red Sandstone Symposium, at the Elim Church Centre, Canal Road, Brecon, Powys.

Find “Welsh Borderland bouillabaisse: bonebeds, age control, palaeo(bio)geography lifestyles and diversity of microvertebrates (thelodont, acanthodian, 'shark', placoderm scales).” on ResearchGate or

See fish remains pictured below….
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Thelodont scale of Turinia pagei from Earnstrey Brook [SEM] © Dr Susan Turner
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[above] Thelodont scale of Boreania minima from Earnstrey [Photo] © Dr Susan Turner
[left] Acanthodian toothwhorl from Bromdon Dingle Brook [SEM] © Dr Susan Turner