Stromboli is one of the Aeolian Islands. The island is about 2 km in diameter and 900 m above sea level but it rises 3,000 m above the floor of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Here you will see some of my pictures of Stromboli.

Very interesting to live on a live volcano for a while. This one is the original for more or less continuous Strombolian-type eruptions with lava extrusions which extend into lava tongues. For scientists, see:

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The local name for the active volcano is Iddu and it only rumbled on Sundays while I was there. It also threw out a mighty lot of ash. Clean washing is not expected on those days!

I stayed in the 350-year old farmhouse home of artist Antonietta Palino; she was a gracious and amusing host and her home is an art gallery. She has a website at:
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A local delicacy is capers and although October was the end of the season the few open restaurants produced great pizza and fine fish meals.

Tourism is now the main activity for the islanders. There is a semi-tropical feel to the place with volcano walks and boat rides to see the active side the main attraction. and the island has a few endemic plants as well as some friendly cats!

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