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In 1986 Sue was co-author of the Readers Digest book 'Sharks - Silent Hunters of the Deep'.

Here, Sue is examining a Porbeagle shark at Newcastle-upon-Tyne Fish Quay. Her chapter on fossil sharks entitled 'Inhabitants of Ancient Seas' covered the 400,000,000 year history of cartilaginous fishes.

Sue's latest paper ' Xxxxx
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[left] Cover of the publication 'Sharks - Silent Hunters of the Deep"

[right] Closeup of jaws and teeth of Porbeagle shark Lamna nasus
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Sue now researches the origins of shark teeth and is working on Doliodus problematicus, a 410 million year old shark from New Brunswick Canada.

[above] Sketch of how Doliodus might have looked © 2003 Susan Turner.
[Modified after R. Cloutier.]

[left] CT Scan of Doliodus dentition.
[© J. Maisey]