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Do you need a good editor?
Need some research done?
Need an index?
Want a Company history?

Why not click here to ask.... Dr Sue!
Recent clients include...
• Geoscience Australia
Geoscience Frontiers (University of Geosciences, Bejing)
• PhD Thesis in History of Medicine (Portugal)
• Grant application Dinosaur Research (Portugal)
• Evolution of Cambrian Invertebrates (Chine)
• Taphonomy of Piscean Ejectamenta (Hauff Museum, Germany)
• IGCP 506 (GFF Symposium volume)
• Early Life Institute, NW University, Xi'an;
• Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology (Progress in Natural Science)
• Geoscience technical writer, GeoExpro magazine
• Hancock Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne
• Bulletin of Geosciences (Czech Geological Survey)
• On-Line English
… and individual scientists

• Scientific English ppt talks and lessons on offer (contact me)
• Experienced reviewer for all major palaeontological journals
• Substantive and copy-editing at reasonable rates for clients from different
countries either per 1000 word or hourly rate

Research projects negotiable.